Unveiling the Enigma: The Astonishing Disappearance of Pan Am Flight 7 and Its Enduring Aviation Myster (Video)


However, halfway throυgh its traпsoceaпic joυrпey, the Clipper Romaпce of the Skies eпcoυпtered aп υпforeseeп tragedy. Abrυptly, radar coпtact with the aircraft was lost, plυпgiпg the flight iпto a realm of υпcertaiпty. Shockiпgly, пo distress call emaпated from the aircraft, leaviпg iпvestigators pυzzled by the sυddeп disappearaпce.


He says he tried to tell authorities of his find soon after returning to port by phoning the Australian Maritime Safety Authority(AMSA). A few hours after making the call he was contacted by an official who told him the find was likely a shipping container that had fallen from a Russian ship in the area off Robe.

The AMSA told the Sydney Morning Herald they had no record of Mr Olver’s call.

Mr Olver believed it was right thing to go public with his find if it can help the families of those aboard the MH370 finally know the fate of their loved ones.

He told Daily Mail Australia on Wednesday he had cleared his conscience and was not prepared to answer any more questions from journalists.

‘That’s it,’ Mr Olver said. ‘I’ve told my point of view.

‘Anything else that I could come up with would be conjecture or supposition or my idea and I’m not really interested.

‘It was from years ago, it was on my conscience and I’ve cleared it now and told my story. So whether it’s believed or acted on is out of my hands.’

MH370 departed Malaysia shortly before 5pm with 12 crew and 227 passengers from 14 nations, including 153 people from China.

About 5.20pm, Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah responded to Malaysia air traffic control, stating: ‘…contact Ho Chi Minh (…) good night.’

Shockingly, the plane soon after went ‘dark’ before diverting back over Malaysia, the the opposite direction from the intended flight path.

Primary civilian and military radar data reported the plane travelling back over the Malacca Strait and into the vast Indian Ocean.

After about 7.5 hours, MH370 ran out of fuel and subsequently crashed 11 minutes later into the ocean, and was never found.

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