When Kris Jenner gushed about Mariah Carey in a commemorative picture, she was trolling herself.

Kris Jenner has been criticized by fans for using too many filters after sharing a series of photos with Mariah Carey.

Mariah is known to be good friends with both Kris and her daughter Kim Kardashian and as the pop icon celebrated her 55th birthday on Wednesday, the matriarch shared several photos of her on Instagram to celebrate. Kris appreciated their friendship and admitted that she felt «lucky» to know Mariah when she posted photos of them on her network.

She wrote: «Happy Anniversary my girl @mariahcarey!!! Wishing you a year filled with happiness, love and laughter! I feel so grateful and blessed for our friendship, and I love you so much!! Happy anniversary!»



The couple posed in a series of snaps (Image:



Kris and Mariah look very charming (Photo:


In the first photo, the two women are seen beaming with delight as they pose together for a close-up selfie. The second image shows Kris, 68, and Mariah standing next to American filmmaker David Geffen, while Mariah wears a black satin mini dress with tights and ankle boots, and Kris opts for a Leopard print shirt and coordinating trousers.

For the third snap, the two friends opted for an ultra-glamorous look as Kris wore a luxurious white lace gown with chiffon ruffles at the cuffs and neckline, while Mariah wore a black satin striped gown with open neckline to show off Dolce and Gabbana Bra.

Mariah added a touch of glamor to her look by wearing a giant silver crown atop her wavy locks. In the photo, the couple appears to be on vacation with a golden sand beach and pretty lights and lanterns behind them in the nighttime photo.


Kris and Mariah look so smooth in their snaps (Image:



Kris also shared family photos (Photo:


Kris also showed off her motherly side with some family Christmas throwback photos with Mariah, Kris, Kim and some of the Kardashian grandchildren. Fans immediately took to the comments section to point out the «bad» editing they saw on each photo and criticized Kris for using too many filters when she shared her images with fan.

One person asked: «Why do you always have a filter on? Just be yourself, you’re beautiful.» Another person quipped: «Awww baby filter.» A third person wrote: «The filter is filtering the filters here.» A fourth person wrote: «The filter is filtering the filters here.» Social media users commented: «Please filter diligently. Process This edit looks terrible. Please stop it for a moment.» Fifth poster: «To the point where I can actually tell which FaceApp impression they all use.»


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