When your passion for styling and the natural world come together, a harmonic synthesis of creativity and beauty results.

Corn silk, also known as corn silk, is a common part of corn cob, it is easy to find and preserve. Many people when processing corn often ignore this beard, without knowing they are extremely good and are considered a folk medicine that brings a lot of health benefits.


Not only that, corn beard is also a prop to make beard and hair for young people in the countryside to play drama games. Recently, a clip spread on social media recorded a scene of a young man sitting and braiding cornrows into buns, which made netizens excited and shared loudly.


After being shared on social networks, the article attracted the attention of many Facebook users when it received thousands of likes and shares. Most people are interested, many people even share on their personal pages to occasionally recall a part of their childhood memories.

Let’s take a look at these cornrow hairstyles.



Hairstyles with traditional style make women and girls fall in love



Classic hairstyle combined with modern curls


Hairstyles of honest and gentle village girls


This hairstyle is only for romantic girls



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