Why THIS lash treatment is superior to all others is revealed by a beauty expert

Women around the world long for thick, curled eyelashes to enhance their features, which leads many to add to their natural eyelashes with false, glued-on versions.

But false lashes and lashings of mascara have their pitfalls, with many women dealing with ‘panda eyes’ and struggling to remove their glued-on enhancements after an evening out – leading to many women looking for an alternative.

Beauty experts too have pointed to worrying side effects these treatments can give rise to, including swollen eyelids, scabs, and mites.

To avoid these drawbacks, beauticians are turning to a treatment that elevates lashes while being hypoallergenic and free of harsh chemicals, namely, YUMI lashes – and Kim Kardashian and Ashley Graham are fans.

The customer is pictured before receiving a YUMI lash lift
The eyelashes are visibly fuller and raised after the treatment

Derma-PigmentOlogist Sandra Viglino, from Switzerland, developed YUMI lashes as an alternative to fake eyelashes and growth serums.

The treatment lifts lashes, creating a fuller, thicker, and uplifted appearance for eight to 12 weeks.

Unlike many lash treatments, YUMI lash lifts take 45 minutes to an hour – a more convenient time when compared to extensions that can keep you waiting for three hours.

But the fundamental difference between YUMI lash lifts and other treatments isn’t the time spent at the salon – it’s the solution.

YUMI lash lifts are done using a keratin solution, a protein naturally made in the body, responsible for making the material in hair, skin, and nails.

The keratin solution was the reason that beautician Shenaz Pathan, who has over 20 years of experience in her field, was attracted to the treatment.

She explained: ‘Not only does it provide an amazing lift to the lashes, YUMI was the first lash lift treatment that incorporated keratin into their system.

‘It’s also packed full of amazing ingredients, such as aloe vera, vitamin B5, and mushroom for its anti-inflammatory properties.

YUMI lash beautician, Eliza Zhadikpur, from Beverley Hills has shared her results on Instagram, including Kim Kardashian (pictured)
The technician has a range of celebrities on her client list, including model and body activist, Ashley Graham (pictured)

Shenaz, who is based at Gustav Fouche, added: ‘There 2.0 system, which I use, launched in 2019 after four years of research and development. It’s also ammonia free which makes it gentler than others on the market.

‘I have trained in various lash brands, but YUMI is by far my favourite… I have been carrying out treatments for four years.

It’s attracted the likes of Kim Kardashian and model Ashley Graham, with a Beverley Hills-based YUMI lash specialist, Eliza Zhadikpur, sharing their results on Instagram.

Like Shenaz, skin specialist Georgina East, founder of Grafton Spa and Wellness, agreed that it’s the ‘high quality’ solution that makes YUMI lash lifts stand out.

She explained: ‘YUMI lash lifts use a high-quality keratin solution, which is a naturally occurring protein found in hair, nails, and eyelashes. This ensures healthier-looking lashes without harmful chemicals.’

‘Unlike lash extensions, YUMI lash lifts involve minimal risks. There’s no need for glue or adhesive, like when using lash extensions. You are reducing the chance of irritation or allergic reactions.’

And while fewer risks are involved, the treatment still promises a significant beauty enhancement’, according to Georgina.

‘YUMI lash lifts provide a noticeable lift, making your eyes appear brighter and more youthful. The effect is similar to lash extensions but without the downsides.

‘After the treatment, you won’t need to worry about daily upkeep or refills. It’s a hassle-free way to enhance your lashes.

‘YUMI lash lifts are gentle on your eyes, leaving no redness or discomfort after the procedure.

‘In summary, YUMI lash lifts offer a safe, effective, and natural-looking alternative to traditional lash extensions, providing beautiful results without the need for fake lashes or extensions.’

The difference between lash extensions and YUMI lash lifts is clear, but there is another option available – LVLs (Length Volume Lift).

While YUMI lashes claim to have a longer duration of results compared to LVL, the main difference is in the formula.

‘Both aim to enhance natural lashes without extensions, but YUMI lashes is marketed more towards a nourishing, keratin-based treatment, while LVL emphasises a lift and volume approach,’ Georgina explained.

Nadia Rafi-Kenny, managing director at Feel Good Beauty added: ‘YUMI keratin lash lift isn’t just a treatment. It’s an experience that’s been meticulously thought out at every step.

‘From lash and skin nourishing and anti-ageing ingredients to a slow-release lifting formula that’s gentler on the lashes. Unlike other lash lifting formulas, it also extends the life of the lash allowing for a longer lifted lash period.

‘YUMI Keratin Lash Lift is the ideal lash lift for those looking for a low maintenance amazing lash look but also prefer anti-ageing and nourishing ingredients as part of the treatment.’

It comes after beauticians have warned others of the dangers attached to eyelash extensions.

Often, people will try to avoid washing their lashes after getting extensions in a bid to keep them on for longer – but that’s the wrong approach, and could lead to damage.

In fact, there are specific lash shampoos created just for extensions, meant to prevent mites and keep the natural lashes healthy.

It’s also possible to get lash mites without extensions, especially if you’re not keeping your eyes clean or if you’re using old or expired makeup products and not removing them at the end of the day.

It’s not the extensions themselves that cause the mites, it’s failure to clean them in the correct way.

So, how do you know if you have an overgrowth of lash mites? Symptoms can include crusty lids, eye irritation, itchiness, and redness.

Optometrist Dr. Jen Wademan, O.D., based in Folsom, California, has shared videos about avoiding mites as a ‘friendly reminder to keep those lids and lashes clean.’

The social media savvy optometrist even made a video about the mites with the caption, ‘Just in case you forgot about the little eyelid mites that like to hang out near our lids and lashes… because I didn’t.’

Dr. Jen told DailyMail.com, ‘As with any lash enhancement, I would proceed with caution, especially if you have a history of blepharitis, dry eye, or red eyes,’ as extensions could exacerbate these conditions.

‘Lash extensions come with some risks like infection or allergic reaction,’ Dr. Jen advised.

‘One thing that most people don’t know is that there is actually an ideal length of lashes in order to avoid dry eye symptoms.

‘A study determined that if your lashes are too long, air may enter your eyes more easily, causing dehydration of the ocular surface.’

Dr. Jen said ‘it’s a great idea to take a break every once in a while,’ even though she knows ‘it’s hard for most lash extension enthusiasts to do so.’

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