“Wonderland” in its untamed splendor, South Africa

Photographer Zack Seckler took aerial photos of wildlife in South Africa. This photo captures a wildebeest running through the desert.

Herd of antelopes are grazing on the green steppe. The photographer from the US worked with some of the world’s largest companies such as Bank of America, Procter & Gamble and Gap to create this photo series.

These photos were taken from light aircraft 15-150 m above the ground.

Creative photography is a window into understanding your culture and yourself in a new and special way, Seckler said.

“I take photos from above to share the beauty of our world from a unique perspective,” Seckler said. Photo: Turtle swimming alone off the coast of South Africa.

Seckler came to South Africa because of its “exotically beautiful natural scenery. Sparkling oceans, lush green forests, vast grasslands and harsh deserts.”

Seckler has won many prestigious awards in the field of photography.

“With photos from above, I always look for a combination of vast natural landscapes and small elements like animals,” said the photographer from the US.

Three flamingos take off together from a lake in South Africa.

Bulls graze alone in the middle of a large field in the Eastern Cape.

The photographer made a series of photos about South African nature within 1 week.

The photo of the desert is named ‘Alexandria I’.

The footprints of South African gazelles in the desert create a surreal scene.

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