17 Adorable Moments That Prove Every Child Should Have a Dog

We all know that dog is man’s best friend, and there is no stronger friendship than that formed between the two at a young age. If you have a dog and small children at home, you’ve probably already seen for yourself what wonderful friendship this is, and if not, the following 17 pictures will show you just that. In all of them, you will see moments that are sweeter than life, and we are sure that the children who took part in them will never forget them.

«We both have enough energy to jump, so we can play together!»

«He has your eyes!»

kids and dogs

The parents of this 10-year-old were looking for a special friend for him- we think they found one!

kids and dogs

This girl wanted to dress up as her dog, and this is the result:

kids and dogs

Every time this girl’s parents are angry with her, she hugs her dog like this.

kids and dogs

Many years of unforgettable friendship await these two!

baby and dog sleeping togetherEvery time this baby cries, his friend runs to calm him down.
kids and dogs

This is what a long-lasting friendship looks like!

kids and dogs

Just like raising two kids

 boy and dog on merry go round

Admit it! You would trade places with this kid in a second.  

kids and dogs

I wonder who learned from who…

kids and dogs

  When the doctor says to stick out your tongue: 

kids and dogs

He may look like her older brother, but this Great Dane is only 10 months old!

kids and dogs

   This baby isn’t sure how to feel about this slobbery kiss! 

kids and dogs

It turns out that a dog is a very useful animal.

girl painting with dogs tail   You can really see the happiness on that face!
kids and dogs

Who’s the teacher and who’s the student?

dog and baby crawling

image source: boredpanda

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