30 Hilarious Dog Pictures You Must See

We asked readers to send in their favorite animal photos. We were so entertained, we couldn’t help but share.

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White puppy resting on a slipper

Courtesy Erin Villella

This Slipper Pup

The only thing more adorable than a sleepy puppy is a sleepy puppy the falls asleep in a plush slipper. Funny dog pictures and 50 more adorable animal photos will make you say “aww.”

Erin Villella, Peachtree City, Georgia

These are mistakes dog owners all make that you can learn from.

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Little dog running through tulip field

Courtesy Tish Day

This Small Dog on a Big Mission

Running through a field of flowers is serious business. This little guy knows it and has his masters in how to be a funny dog.

Tish Day, Mossyrock, Washington

Ever wonder why your dog kicks up its feet after peeing? Find out.

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Dog sitting in convertible with sunglasses

This Cool Convertible Girl

What’s more important than wearing your seatbelt? Wearing your protective (and super stylish!) eyewear. These 17 photos of baby animals will make your day.

Sandi Fritchley, Loudon, Tennessee

Find out if you need to buckle your dog up in the car.

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Dog carrying bottle of alcohol

Courtesy Don Albright

This Troublemaker

Who doesn’t want to play fetch with a bottle of whiskey every once and a while!

Don Albright, Clayton, Washington

These dogs dressed up for work are adorable.

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Yellow lab with a cowboy hat

Courtey Madison Montanari

This Real Smooth Cowboy

Funny dog pictures can still mean business. Don’t mess with Texas—or with this friendly Lab’s adorable cowboy hat.

Madison Montanari, Dallas, Texas

These are the questions you’ve always wanted to ask your dog.

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Dog looking out the window

Courtesy Virgil Swanson

This Funny Dog Who’s Along for the Ride

The best way to spend a beautiful day: windows down with the wind in your long floppy ears.

Virgil Swanson, Greenfield, Iowa

Psst! Should you pick up your dog’s poop?

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Dog posing on bedspread

Courtesy Anna Melys

This Unimpressed Chihuahua

Funny dog pictures are all about facial expressions, like with this tiny pup who looks surprised, yet composed.

Anna Melys, Piland, Ohio

You might not mind the cost of having a dog but you should know the real cost of owning a dog.

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Dog playing in the garden

Courtesy Julianna Blankenship

This Guilty-Looking Dog

This guilty-looking dog was caught red-handed in the garden, but even funny dogs can get away with it.

Julianna Blankenship, Troy, Minnesota 

These are 17 of the best tips for pet safety and pet care.

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Four cute dogs standing on stones

Courtesy Glenn Eberle

This Group of Doggie Best Friends

You can only join this crew if you like fetch, parks, and treats. Oh, and they only wear their pink collars on Wednesday.

Glenn Eberle, Chester, New Jersey

These are the first 8 things you need to do when training a puppy.

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Pomeranian posing with orange ball

Courtesy Elizabeth Brammer

This Bright-Eyed Dog

“Is it time to play yet?”

Elizabeth Brammer, Hutchinson, Kansas

This is the last dog food storage container you’ll ever need.

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White dog with blue hair bows sitting in the snow

Courtesy Cindy Bellis

This Dressed-up Snow-lover

This cute dog is rocking a blue handkerchief.

Cindy Bellis, Baxter, Tennessee 

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Dog in red sweater

Courtesy Connie Howlett

This Winter-ready Pup

Although this funny dog might not be a huge fan of the turtleneck, at least he is warm, cozy, and looking festive.

Connie Howlett, Park Hills, Missouri  

These adorable dog beds will help keep your dog cozy too!

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Dog standing on hind legs looking at bubbles

Courtesy Marilyn Henderickson

This Bubbly Dog

It really is the little things that make us happy! (Like bubbles and pics of cute dogs like this.)

Marilyn Hendrickson, Bothell, Washington

If your dog loves to swim, they’ll love these pool floaties.

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Black and white dog smiling

Courtesy Denise Collica

This Smiling Doggo

This cutie is probably daydreaming about treats and more funny dog photos.

Denise Collica, Farmingville, New York 

These are the best dog breeds for kids.

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Dog in a blue swing

Courtesy David Donaldson

This Swinging Dog

Keep on swinging.

David Donaldson, Livonia, Michigan


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