A man dresses his dog up every day, takes him for walks, and puts on a fashion show because he views his dog as being just like him.

Nowadays, every household has the habit of raising pets, and everyday life is richer and more interesting because of having them. According to a post on social networks, there is a man who sees dogs as just like people. Every day he dresses up in beautiful clothes and makeup to make the dog gorgeous, then takes the dog out for a walk around town like a performance. Extremely unique fashion.

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This man was the director of a branch but is currently retired. After retirement, life is peaceful, free, and comfortable. He himself said that his children do not often visit him, and he has to stay home alone, so he thought of changing clothes for the dog in his house. He considers the dog in his family as a model, and it takes a long time to teach it to walk back and forth and pose. Every time she takes her dog for a walk or a walk in the park and every time she looks as neat as a model on a fashion runway.

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Every time he goes out, he will let his dog wear an extremely beautiful new outfit, making it the most famous dog in that small apartment complex. He also said that he previously worked as a children’s fashion designer, so he seems to have a certain aesthetic eye when it comes to coordinating outfits. His dog is also very obedient, and it’s like having a little daughter in his house now, making his retired life even more fun.

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Through the story, many netizens expressed their opinion that it is best for children to spend more time with their parents, regularly visit home, and ask about their parents to comfort them in their old age. The fact that the old man above uses pets as a source of joy in life is also because his children only care about their own lives and forget about him, causing him to only know how to find joy with pets. However, this is also an extremely creative idea.


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