A scared and confused dog struggles with the heartache of having her owner abandon her after seven years.

 One dog specifically stood out when a bunch of dogs from the congested Habersham County Animal Shelter in Georgia got here at The Little Guild in West Cornwall, Connecticut. When chatting to the supervisor of the Habersham County shelter, the shelter employees found that everybody in Georgia had additionally acknowledged Jodi’s uniqueness.


In accordance with Kelsey Turick, a employee at The Little Guild, “Jodi meant rather a lot to the workers and volunteers from their shelter.” When volunteers realized that we had been going to take Jodi in and discover her a house, they sobbed.

Jodi, who had lived along with her household for seven years, was turned over to the shelter in Georgia. She was nervous and uncertain of what was occurring when she arrived at The Little Guild, and the employees members who welcomed her might see she did not know the place her household had gone.


When [she] first arrived, Turick recalled, “[she] was actually afraid and all she wished to do was go dwelling.”

Jodi, a 7-year-old dog, is the best ever. She like dogs, cats, and kids. She enjoys enjoyable on the sofa, taking walks, and driving. She would make a beautiful addition to your loved ones! In West Cornwall, Connecticut, we’re. Go to littleguild.org for added data or to submit an adoption utility.


Since then, Jodi has tailored to her new atmosphere significantly higher and shaped relationships with employees members and volunteers. She has grown to belief her new buddies, which has enabled her superb persona to emerge, making everybody fall much more in love along with her.

She all the time needs to be round individuals and has a beautiful angle, in response to Turick. She enjoys taking part in fetch exterior in addition to cuddling up with you beneath a blanket. Though she is older, she nonetheless has lots of power and enjoys taking every day walks. She is a very exceptional younger girl and is essential to us.


It is unbelievable that Jodi hasn’t been adopted but, particularly contemplating how nicely she would slot in with virtually any household. She adores kids, cats, and different dogs and really simply needs to spend time along with her family members every time she will be able to. She has acquired curiosity in adoption and a household is scheduled to satisfy her, so perhaps her seek for a house might be accomplished very quickly.

All of Jodi’s buddies, each in Georgia and Connecticut, are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the suitable household for her.

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