A Social Media Star Enjoying the High Life

The cat named Honey Belle lives with her owner Nicole Wade, from Melbourne, Australia. Previously the cat lived at an animal rescue shelter. His life changed completely after being adopted by Nicole Wade and brought home to take care of him because her cat died of illness.image

Nicole Wade said: “My previous cat got sick and passed away, then I adopted Honey, thanks to Honey helping me overcome my sadness. She is very obedient, lovely, cute”.

Nicole Wade created a separate social media channel for her new cat and regularly shares her life there. The shared photos show that the owner takes extremely careful care of the cat, buying expensive clothes and luxurious accessories for the cat.

Netizens call her ‘stylish cat’ because her owner often dresses her in beautiful clothes and fashion accessories. Looking at photos of the cat, it looks like a trendy fashionista with many luxurious clothes, dresses, and jewelry. For example, Louis Vuitton branded scarves, gemstone necklaces, and a private wardrobe containing all the colorful outfits. The cat even has a separate pet stroller.image

Nicole Wade said: “We pamper Honey, she brings me so much happiness and joy. I will do anything to give her the best life possible”.image

The cat quickly adapted to the new luxurious life, it also participated in many activities in the house with its owner. Currently, the cat’s Instagram account has more than 120,000 followers.

A new study by Afterpay found that 65% of survey participants reported having a pet and after 18 months they felt their mental health had improved, with 81% of pet owners considering it a success. family member.image

Almost half of Australians are spending more money on their pets, with 45% of owners celebrating their furry friends’ birthdays.

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