Adorable! Here’s What Your Cat Wants You To Know!

If you have a cat like I do, you know that a life without one is possible – but meaningless! Without a doubt they are particular pets – they do what they want, when they want and how they want to do it without a care in the world about what you or anybody else thinks. I have a dog too – but the character of dogs and cats is so different.

Generally speaking, it’s easy to understand the language of dogs. You know when they are happy, when they are in territorial mode, when they are feeling unwell. But cats!? The language of cats is completely different. Although we may not realize it, cats do show us what they want, in their own unique ways…

1. Lying on their back cat behavior


When cats lie on their back, it’s a sign of comfort and well-being. Your cat feels very comfortable with you and trusts you deeply.

2. Bringing gifts home cat behavior


Though this is a behavior a homeowner may not necessarily enjoy, when a cat comes home with a gift in its mouth (usually a bird, mouse or rat) and leaves it at your feet, this is a symbol of love and devotion. It is a gesture of thanks and your cat means to show you great affection.

3. A nudge with the head or nose cat behavior


If your cat tries to budge you with its nose, this is a form of greeting. Usually, they go for a gentle head butt, or rub their head against yours. This is a symbol of affection and friendship.

4. They follow you around cat behavior


Wherever you go, your cat wants to be there too. If you’re at your computer, they’ll sit on the keyboard, if you’re on the couch, they’ll jump into your lap. If you get up to get something, they’ll follow you around. A cat that is ‘clingy’ loves you endlessly – they want to be near you and they certainly do not want to be without you.

5. They chew on your finger (gently) cat behavior


When a cat chews on your finger without causing a single scratch, take this to mean that your cat appreciates you and that they are happy. This behavior is also a symbol of trust.

6. They display the milk tread cat behavior


The milk thread is a behavior that is exhibited by kittens, used on the mother’s teat to drink. As a result, this behavior ensures that the mother’s teat is stimulated to produce more milk. If your cat exhibits the milk thread on you, know that your cat loves you like its own mother and has a sense of wellbeing with you. 7. They purr cat behavior Source This behavior is often perceived to be a sign of well-being – and most of the time, it is. But cats also purr in situations where they are likely to feel uncomfortable (such as going to the vet, or in the car). They likely do this to calm their nerves. 8. They look into your eyes cat behavior

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