Breathtaking moments while sitting on a boat watching whales in California waters on Monterey Bay.

Nature never ceases to surprise us, humans. You may witness something you have never imagined before. It will be a once in a lifetime opportunity. For example, you go on an offshore excursion and see a giant humpback whale breaching the water right next to your boat. You must feel like you won a lottery ticket. Amazing!


Photo source: Douglas CroftCaters News

This happened to photographer Douglas Craft. He captured breathtaking moments while sitting on a boat watching whales in California waters on Monterey Bay.

A giant humpback whale was spotted jumping out of the water right next to a fishing boat. It was standing right behind the fisherman!


Photo source: Douglas CroftCaters News

Douglas captured incredible photos of the giant marine mammal from the window of his boat. This scene stunned him for a few seconds, but he immediately took out his camera and took a photo. Luckily, his angle gave him a bigger and clearer view of the whale. Remarkably, this creature makes the fishing boat look extremely small in comparison.

“I went below deck to shoot from the window near the waterline. That’s what gives the whale a great perspective,” he told a news outlet.


Photo source: Douglas CroftCaters News

When the photographer shared photos of the giant charging humpback whale on his account, they went viral instantly. People couldn’t stop being “amazed” by what Douglas captured on his camera. Maybe it’s a miracle!

Douglas also received help from Kate Cummings, a whale watcher who captured video of the whale bursting out of the water. “It was fun filming this video. The whale jumped much further away from the fisherman many times. But sometimes, when whales breach multiple times, they are also heading in a specific direction while underwater to build momentum for the next breach,” Kate revealed to the media.


Photo source: Douglas CroftCaters News

You can watch the video below!

For those who may not know, adult humpback whales weigh approximately 25–30 tonnes (28–33 short tons) and are 12–16 m (39–52 ft) long. These giant marine mammals are popular with whale watchers because of their invasiveness and other distinctive behaviors.

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