Cute newborn animals: where to find them worldwide

You’re a hardened human indeed if you can’t scroll through these photos without your heart doing a somersault.

No matter the species, baby animals are agonisingly, indisputably, shamelessly adorable, as these photos prove.

But where in the world can you find such delightful specimens?

Kittens and puppies are easy enough, but you’ll have to venture as far as Madagascar to spot a wide-eyed lemur baby, or Australia to snuggle with a little grey joey.

MailOnline Travel has rounded up 15 infant animals worth going to the ends of the earth for.

A leucistic fur seal pup from South Georgia, Antarctica, displaying a rare occurrence in which the fur is blonde but the eyes and nose are of normal colour
The fennec fox, a very small nocturnal fox with disproportionately giant ears to disperse heat, found only in the Sahara of North Africa
A fawn with a little bell, what could be sweeter? Deer, of which there are many species, are found in abundance all around the world, but the time to go searching for newborn fawns in the UK is during late spring and early summer
To spot ring-tailed lemurs in the wild, usually clinging to their mothers like backpacks, you'll have to reach Madagascar, but to see them closer, head to South Africa's Monkeyland sanctuary, where they roam freely around visitors - don't go to a zoo
This is what your roast chicken looked like before it grew up and became roast chicken - a fuzzy, feathery bundle of joy with a tiny beak
Meerkats, widely adored for their quirky standing stance, live in African deserts in Botswana, Namibia and South Africa - you can see them from when they are only two weeks old, the age their mothers generally let them out of their burrow
Lion cubs, too, are native to Africa, where sadly they are often exploited and bred for the trophy hunting industry - if you want to see one head to a safari in Botswana, the only African country to have banned the practise 
A young armadillo, photographed at Edinburgh zoo, which will one day grow to be about 30 inches in length and remain a solitary beast
A baby kangaroo pokes its head out of its mother's pouch, where the joey is fed and protected until it's old enough to leave - you'll have to go to Australia to find these in the wild
Behold, a floppy-eared doe-eyed bassett hound puppy, originally bred for the purpose of hunting hare in France, not that this little chap looks capable of harming so much as a fly
A baby snow leopard, offspring of a highly endangered big cat native to the mountain ranges of Central and South Asia - sadly the only place you can see one is in a sanctuary or a zoo, like this one in Basel Zoo, Switzerland 
Sloths, this baby pictured in Costa Rica, are found in the jungles of Central and South America, and are named because they move so slowly - this is an energy conservation tactic, but sloths can in fact move quite quickly under attack from a predator
An emperor penguin chick on a mission, only inhabiting Antarctica, and though this one may be small now, it will grow to become the tallest and heaviest of all penguin species
An Australian short-beaked echidna, with a seriously sweet nose and little claws, belonging to the only class of mammal which lays eggs
A giant panda cub photographed at the Bifengxia Base of China Conservation and Research Centre in Ya'an, which is working to breed more of these endangered monochrome bears
You didn't think we'd leave out a kitten, did you? Potentially one of the cutest creatures on earth, and unlike others on this list, far from endangered and very fairly easily accessible wherever you live in the world

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