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I’ve been talking about some serious things related to chihuahua clothes (if that’s possible) on this blog lately and offering some advice, but I feel it’s time to kick back a bit more and have fun with this post: I’m talking about costumes for dogs this time.  Exactly what are these dog costumes, some of you who have been living under a very large rock might ask?  Dog costumes are insanely cute little outfits and clothes for dogs, both big and small, from pit bulls to chihuahuas, designed to make you and everyone who has eyes in your vecinity burst with laughter and hilarious glee!

I was seriously considering writing another article for this little site about chihuahua clothes that would have taken these costumes for dogs seriously; but how would you start that?  “Ahem, today I have a very important issue to discuss with you: the topic of dog costumes…”  I don’t think so. Dog costumes are perhaps the truest sign that the universe has a sense of humor: some of my hardest laughing moments where caused by a dog walking by in an outlandish or ridiculous costume of some sort. So for fun, and to honor what I think is the true nature of these little costumes for our K-9 friends, let’s have a look at a few typical dog costumes today and discuss the qualities of these funny and fine dog costumes:

The Superman dog. I love these superhero dog costumes: they’re so easy to get your dog into. They typically hang on the front of your dog’s neck, and they give the appearance that your dog is really a little being with arms and legs and the whole bit. The first time you see one of these little dog costumes, you are doomed to an almost fatal laughter; that is to say that you will probably laugh so hard that you won’t be able to breath for a minute or two. I hope you have a good lung capacity!

While we’re one the subject, it needs to be said: superheroes work in teams. What better than to dress up the entire pack in super hero attire? Now, these hero dog costumes are normally intended for a laugh on Halloween, but why not bust these out on a monthly basis? Why not take the Halloween dog costumes out of the October box and make one day each month for dressing your dogs up, each in super hero clothing, and walking them down the street with absolutely no explanation whatsoever? People will look, some will take pictures, and you’ll create a moment in the universe of absolute hilarity. What could be more fun on a dull, overcast Sunday afternoon than walking down a busy street with a pack of German shepherds dressed to the K-9s in costumes for big dogs?

Is that Simba? Or is that a pit bull? It’s so hard to tell these days, especially when the latter is wearing the former’s costume! Seriously, if you were to walk down the street with your dog wearing the lion dog costume, I suspect you would end up scaring a great majority of the people you’d pass on the sidewalk. You’d walk by and as the other person’s peripheral vision came to noticing the maine of this beast passing by beside them, they’d have that instinctive freakout reaction of “..??.whaATTT THE HECK IS THATTT!!? AHHHhh…ooh,… just a dog.. ahem.. I knew that,.. haha, just kidding!!.. I was just kidding, ahahaha. What a cute little doggy woggy in his dog lion costume…” (adjusting his neck tie and wiping sweat from his brow.) Can you imagine the fun this could be if you coupled this with a digital camera in hand, recording video of these walk-by reactions? It could be quite fun! At any rate, these animal costumes for dogs are very cool in that they definitely suit our little furry beast and can look very real for a few seconds while your mind figures out exactly what you’re looking at. Just check out this next one:

Ah, the skunk-dog. Should I run? Should I bend down and pet him? I just can’t make up my mind! Normally, I take off when I see a skunk, but there’s just something so. damn. cute. about this one! Maybe it’s the wagging fluffy white tail, or maybe it’s his adorably huge proportions–it is no matter: the important thing is that this dog is freaking cute in his skunk costume!

Ah yes, the food inspired costumes for our dogs. These are always good for a laugh; I just hope the Chinese aren’t watching when I dress my dog up like this! I kid, of course, but seriously people: dogs are not food! And don’t you dare let me catch you dressing your wiener dog dachshund in a hot dog costume; that’s just garishly over the top.

Ah yes, who could resist the McHappy Meal pack? You’ve got Mr. Big Mack over there, the Jack in the Box dog, the Mr. Supersize Fries pooch, and the slaving line cook over there on the left! What a team! I’m not sure you’d want to actually dress them all like this at the same time and walk them together because you might actually send people into cardiac arrest on sight with something as ridiculously, absurdly funny as this… You’ve been warned.

How adorable: the Johny football star quarterback dog costume. I have one of these for my little chihuahua and it is darling. Sports have never been that important to me, but I’d be a lot more stoked about getting involved with them if my dog were running around with little costumes for dogs like this on! You can find these in just about any sport,so if you’re into hockey, there’s a chihuahua clothes hockey costume out there, or a tennis one if you’re into rackets, shorts, and Polo shirts…

This is one of my favorites, although I can’t say the same for the dog wearing it here… he doesn’t look too impressed, does he? I think the whole “oh my god–my dog is being eaten by a crocodile” effect could be enhanced significantly if you could train your dog to take off running on command, while also barking loudly. If you could also train your dog to jump into the river and swim across to the other side and then keep running through a busy pedestrian street with this thing attached to him, water dripping off and everything, I think you might just be the next YouTube star…

Ah, the sweetie pie costumes. The princess dog costume would have to be one of the most popular among little dog owners. I cannot tell you how many little yorkies and chihuahuas I have seen in the past month dressed up in medieval princess costume like this!

And what dog wardrobe is complete without the bride and groom matching set? Seriously, if you have two little dogs, one a boy and the other a girl, you have to get these for them: this is the prima ballerina of dog costumes for small dogs, and getting this set is actually required by dog costume law, in fact.  If you’re caught without these two too-cute costumes in your possession, well, …you’re in trouble, I hear. If you love people to swoon and screech at your dogs’ cuteness, then just train them to quietly green your guests at the door and dress them up in these matching dog outfits. It is certain to be a hit.  Among the pug costumes you can buy out there, this one takes the formal wedding cake, hands down.


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