Five Different Ways to Groom Dogs

Looking for something out of the ordinary for your dog’s next grooming appointment? There are many grooming styles that are unique and differ from the normal types of cuts you see every day.

But these are our favorites!

1. Square-shaped dogs

Square-shaped dog grooming style

This trend began in Asia and has spread to the United States, although it is not yet widespread. It is known as the «box cut».

The dog’s hair around the head is cut into a cube shape. In some cases, other areas of the body may also have the shape of squares to give the dog a general appearance in the form of a cube.

A similar trend that originated in Asia is the round head in which the dog’s hair is cut into a circle. It goes be the name «circle cut».

Kenchii’s Flipper double sided curved or Lighting even handle curved are the best dog grooming shears to achieve this round shape with ease.

2. Ombre hair

Ombre hair dog grooming style

For a truly impressive and unique look, ask your dog to have a style that is a collection of various colors that blend from one to another. You can dye the dog from head to toe, or simply make tails or ears for a slightly thinner look.

Warning: dye your dog’s hair If you want to dye your dog’s hair, it is extremely important to know which dyes are safe for dogs. The use of human hair dyes can be very toxic and cause burns on the dog’s skin, as well as other serious injuries.

We recommend the use of non-chemical and non-toxic hair dyes produced specifically for dogs. If your dog has sensitive skin, it is possible that dying for the skin with any type of dye is not for you.

3. Japanese styling

Japanese dog grooming style

Asian Freestyle is a term for different styles that have become popular in Asia. Every country has a unique opinion about it.

In Japan, dogs are prepared in various ways, but the goal is to make them absolutely adorable and soft, like a teddy bear or a stuffed animal.

This type of dog grooming can last several hours, since it is mainly done with grooming scissors. It can also lead to the coloring of parts of the dog. If you want to try this style, you must find a dog groomer with experience and training in the care of Japanese style.

Use Kenchii Toy breed kit which comes with a tiny 4.5” Five-star thinners so you can get really close to the dogs brows without intimidating your lovely pets.

4. Korean styling

Korean style dog grooming style

Another type of Asian free style is the Korean style that focuses on making the dog as cute as a Barbie doll. The style consists of adding ties, braids, brooches, flowers and other decorations, and the hairdressers focus on making the dog’s hair long, shiny and silky.

The appearance is popular among the smaller breeds such as Maltese, Shih Tzu and Yorkshire Terrier.

As with Japanese-style grooming, you should find an expert dog groomer with this trend. Many types of Asian freestyle have arrived in the United States in recent years and many dog groomers can help you with this look for your dog.

5. Mohawk

Mohawk dog grooming style

If you want a punk-inspired look for your dog, why not take a small Mohawk? Some owners will also make their dog groomer dye the mohawk for a more dramatic effect.

Mohawks tend to be made with smaller dog breeds and even with standard poodles.

If you’re considering a dog groomer giving your dog a mohawk, talk to them first. Some dogs are not suitable for style depending on the type of hair or the sensitivity of their skin in the sun.

The Mohawk also requires you to work on your part to brush or comb your dog’s hair regularly to keep the Mohawk on its feet. There are also ways to create a «temporary» mohawk using dog styling products.

6. Modern Cut


For those looking for a modern cut (but not ready to venture into poodle styles like Lion Cut territory), the modern clip is a glamorous option. Also known as the Scandinavian cut or the European cut, this style elegantly follows the shape of the poodle’s body. For this cut, the bun is smooth and round, but matches the skin on the neck and shoulders.

The fur on the poodle’s chest is slightly rounded and the front legs are straight. The hind legs are cut to show their shape and have some extra swelling on the feet. A really nice way to model your puppy: this cut requires a great care experience and is professionally attended.

Regardless of the cut you choose for your poodle, we know that those lush, soft curls are part of what makes this breed so fun. It is up to you to decide which style best suits your personality and which one best suits your lifestyle (and wallet).

Favorite tools for this style. Kenchii slicker brush along with Kenchii Flipper  curved shears to make the perfect Mohawk arch.D

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