Funny hair styling tips for pets

We’ve all had a bad hair day or two, but nothing as cute as these furry disasters.

Reddit users from around the world have shared some hilarious snaps of animals with quirky and crazy hair styles.

Among the bizarre pictures is an adorable dog that looks like he has a square head and an alpaca that appears to be wearing a wig.

There is also a corgi who was given a dramatic haircut that makes him look like a bone, and a hamster channelling his inner Albert Einstein.

Here, FEMAIL shares some of the best examples that will make you feel better if you have any hairs out of place…

No wonder he looks glum! Reddit users from around the world have shared hilarious animal hair styles, including this little puppy who was given a square hair cut
Extreme trim! Pembroke Welsh Corgi's are known for their thick fur but this little guy looks like he's wearing flurry trousers and a crop top
Cheeese! This smiley alpaca looks very pleased with his long wig like hair and his gleaming white teeth
Why so sad? This adorable puppy doesn't look like he appreciates his new smart square hair style
What are you looking at? This grumpy pooch doesn't look very proud of his grandad combover
Just face it, I look ridiculous! This angry cat has a right to be annoyed, her owner decided to shave off her fur only leaving it on her face
Genius! This little hamster's unruly hair makes it look like he's channelling Albert Einstein
Need the house painted? This dog is always dressed for work in his build in overalls with cute suspenders
Is that you, Boris? This little yellow canary has copied the hair style of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson but he's not fooling anyone
What a mop! This cool pooch just came back from the hairdressers with this, not many dogs can pull off a blonde afro
Is it a sheep? is it a cloud? No it's a rabbit! This cutie must be very warm under that thick ball of fluff
Wind swept! Someone has probably rubbed a balloon all over this little guy for this hilarious snap and we appreciate it
Somebody knit him a sweater! This dog looks like he is rocking some really funky white fur boots
Thinking outside the box! This poor little fellow must be the laughing stock of the dog park as he looks like he is made from Lego
Bowl cut: This photogenic sloth looks very smug with his stylish new toupee, which we are surprised has stayed on seems he spends most of his life hanging upside down in the trees
This guy just caught a glimpse in the mirror! Somehow this monkey is pulling off the cute bedhead look
This bird looks like he just got an electric shock! However we are fans of his quirky looking mohawk
Elvis has left the building.. and has come back looking like a little furry rabbit. This guy is definitely going to be a heartbreaker
Roooaar! Oh wait.. it's a little kitty! This cat looks like a big scary lion with her cute new hair cut
This horse is bringing the fringe back! The straight blunt cut strangely looks great on this black beauty
This little pooch looks like a fury lollipop with his shaven body and round furry face but he pulls it off
Peek-a-boo! This lama isn't able to see but he manages to pull it off as a quirky new hair trend
Sia? This hamster hides her face with a large wig as a way to maintain her anonymity and privacy
Are those highlights? This cool horse looks like he could stand in for Justin Bieber on a world tour
This dogs name is Karen and she would like to speak to the manager! She has definitely just enjoyed a fresh blow dry
Not a morning person? We've all had hard days, but nothing as hard as this cat has been through

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