Funny looks are made by animals in these hilarious photos.

From laughing donkeys and grimacing lions to a ‘headless’ penguin and a frustrated hippo, these hilarious images capture hapless animals pulling a range of funny faces.

Pictures taken all over the world by a number of photographers show a side of the animal kingdom many of us rarely see.

They include a gorilla picking its nose, a fox jammed head first in a snow drift and a stag blindly charging around with a clump of undergrowth covering its eyes.

There is even a flamingo with its legs in a twist and a hippo running away after being attacked by a small flock of birds.

Roar emotion: A surprised lion cub feels the pain when it gets nibbled on the back by another big cat in this hilarious snap
Keep it down! An orangutan - bizarrely with a ring-pull in its mouth - looks unimpressed as it puts its fingers in its ears
Gurning: This Great Dane, called Mukta, is renowned for his ability to pull funny faces in his native Finland
How long is that neck? A giraffe magic trick among the greenery at the Royal Maleware Lodge in South Africa
Wild Burro the mule laughing at the Red Rock Conservation Area, Nevada
An impala with oxpecker earrings at the Kruger National Park in South Africa
Dressing up time: A stag puts on a wig and turns on the dramatics in London's Richmond Park
How does he do it? A lone headless penguin in the Falkland islands
A hilarious owl shows off his legs in Israel's Judah Desert
Not so happy hippo: He may be huge, but this hippo still runs screaming from a group of birds which lands on him in Zambia
Making a splash: An eye-catching flamingo is pictured playing in the water at Moscow Zoo
So many questions: A cow managed to get itself stuck over metal fencing on the road towards the Italian mountain village Montecorvino Rovella-Salerno
Clumsy: A fox lands head first into the snow at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming
A young mountain gorilla picking his nose in Musanze, Rwanda
The true face of crocs: A crocodile is pictured tucking into the footwear that carries his name
Egg on her face: The lionness looks far from impressed after biting into an egg at Artis Zoo in Amsterdam

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