Known to be Thicc and High-Maintenance Cat Discovers New Human Is Just Like Him

Famously Thicc, High-Maintenance Cat Finds New Human As Extra As He Is

We're so happy Bruno has found the purr-fect companion for him.
We’re so happy Bruno has found the purr-fect companion for him.
Wright Way Rescue / theebrunobartlett via Instagram

Bruno is off the market, guys.

The multi-toed, 25-pound cat with a kooky habit of standing on his hind legs, went viral last week thanks to Wright-Way Rescue, an Illinois animal shelter that wrote a funny plea for his adoption and posted it on Facebook.

According to the organization’s post, Bruno is quite the high-maintenance feline and needs the perfect human servant to abide to his very specific — and long — list of demands in order to live his very best kitty life.

These requests include that he be pet during mealtimes, not have his tummy touched, and that his water never be placed anywhere near his food. There is also only one type of toy Bruno finds acceptable to play with — a feather wand.

Hello. I see you checking out my feather wand.
Hello. I see you checking out my feather wand.
Wright Way Rescue

And because Bruno is A.) adorably weird, B.) has a cool party trick and C.) is majorly photogenic, tons of people applied to be his personal butler, er, owner.

So, the shelter had to be picky.

“Our thicc boi Bruno is now reviewing applications for the *PERFECT* home,” it wrote on Facebook.

“The more EXTRA, the better,” the shelter said of applicants.

And boy, did they find the right person for this fur penguin.

Lauren Paris, a Chicago-based singer and actress, not only sent Wright-Way Rescue letters of recommendations and a video tour of her home, but she also wrote and performed an original song about Bruno.

A post shared by Wright-Way Rescue (@wrightwayrescue) on

That’s what we’d like to call extra af.

“Lauren has always expressed the seriousness of her application,” the shelter said in a comment on Instagram.. “They really [hit] it off over the weekend as well/ She will be the absolute best FOREVER home for Bruno!”

In a video posted to Facebook on Monday, the shelter also seemed super excited to relay the good news to Paris — though Bruno appeared to more interested in purring indifferently on top of a desk while tucking his little paws under his large body.

Paris, however, seems psyched. She’s already set up @theebrunobartlett, an Instagram account for the quirky cat.

Its first post shows Paris bonding with her big boy.

A post shared by Bruno Bartlett (@theebrunobartlett) on

We’re looking forward to following these two as they enter into a life of mass extra-ness.

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