Meet Cezar, a cat that looks like a lion but has the sweetest personality you ll ever meet


Meet Cezar, a cat that looks like a lion but has the sweetest personality you’ll ever meet. According to his owner, Wojtek Czachurski, 63 years old, from the town of Bochnia in southern Poland, Cezar is not only especially affectionate and cheerful but also very gentle – typical of the Bengal cat breed. A passionate photographer, Czachurski regularly takes stunning photos of his beautiful and unique feline friend and shares them online. With Cezar’s wild looks, colors, and long hair, it’s no surprise that he receives amazing responses from people who see him.

Thank you to Wojtek Czachurski and his cat company Sirocco Bengals and Cashmeres for their generous contribution to this content.

Thank you to Wojtek Czachurski and his team of cats, the Sirocco Bengals and Cashmeres.

According to Wojtek Czachurski and Sirocco Bengals and Cashmeres, many people believe that his 2 1/2-year-old cat, Cezar, is a cross between Bengal, Maine Coon or Siberian breeds or that his photos have been edited. However, Czachurski patiently explained that Cezar was a purebred Sirocco Cashmere Bengal. Although he got into photography by taking pictures of his niece, he now has a happy group of cats and a husky that has lived with him and his family for 15 years.

Thanks to Wojtek Czachurski and his battery factory, Sirocco Bengals and Cashmeres for their contribution.

When Wojtek Czachurski brought home a young kitten from Sirocco Bengals and Cashmeres, he worried that the placement might be too much for the new addition. However, to his delight, everything went perfectly. A true animal enthusiast, Czachurski had done his research on the Bengal cat breed and knew that they needed special attention, care and exercise. He discovered that these cats are very sociable and do not like to be alone, so he made sure to give his furry friend plenty of companionship. In fact, the little Bengal cat loves the company of other animals and feels happiest when surrounded by them.

Do you know Cezar the lion cat’s furry friends? Meet Borys, a 3 1/2 year old male Bengal cat who is not only caring but also very gentle. Another friend of Cezar is Portos – a silver-haired Bengal cat famous for his strong but gentle nature. Besides eating and sleeping, these three friends love to play together. With a never-ending supply of energy, they often display dog-like characteristics such as searching and sleeping at their owner’s feet. Their curious nature is typical of cats.

Meet Cezar and Borys, two adorable Bengal cats owned by Wojtek Czachurski of Ticadela Pl and Sirocco Bengals and Cashmeres. These fluffy cats are sure to steal your heart thanks to their playful personalities and beautiful looks.

Meet Portos, the majestic Bengal cat owned by animal lover Wojtek Czachurski. Growing up around animals, Czachurski always dreamed of sharing his home with wild cats such as cougars, jaguars, cheetahs and jaguars. With his Bengals, he can realize this dream. Despite their large personalities and size, Portos and his furry friends are very well-behaved and don’t cause any problems. They are clean, intelligent, cheerful, affectionate and beautiful, and do not damage furniture or show aggression towards humans. Czachurski loves to share the joy that Portos and his team bring to the world, and believes that the Bengal cat is a truly beautiful breed worth showing off. Let’s see some more pictures of this unique cat!

We would like to thank Wojtek Czachurski and Sirocco Bengals and Cashmeres for their courtesy.

We would like to thank Wojtek Czachurski, Sirocco Bengals and Cashmeres for their kind attention.

With permission from Wojtek Czachurski and his kitty team, Sirocco Bengals and Cashmeres.

Thanks to the generosity of Wojtek Czachurski and his retail company Sirocco Bengals and Cashmeres, we have some great content to share.


Thanks to Wojtek Czachurski and Sirocco Bengals and Cashmeres for sharing this information with us.


Thanks to Wojtek Czachurski and Sirocco Bengals and Cashmeres for providing this content.

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