Meet Richie, the Maine Coon cat whose unique features and gorgeous fur have made him an internet celebrity and catapulted him into unending renown.

richie cat maine coon famous instagram

Last Updated on July 30, 2023 by Richie, the Maine Coon cat, has become very popular on the internet thanks to the extraordinary and majestic appearance that his fur gives him.

Richie is an extraordinary cat who consistently appears to be adorned in a voluminous fur coat, earning him nicknames like “lemur” or “yeti cat” from netizens. At just over a year old, this charming feline quickly rose to social media stardom. His mother regularly shares photos and videos on her Instagram account, allowing viewers to delight in Richie’s antics and adventures.

Adriana Piraino, Richie’s owner residing in Europe and a makeup artist by profession, shared with Newsweek that she acquired Richie from Catterie du Mont d’Even in France when he was just 4 months old. Even at this tender age, the feline’s fur left a lasting impression on her.

Adrian says:

“Richie already had a lot of hair at that age. But people became interested in him when he developed his fur. His coat grew in a few days. Like a coat around her, she turned into such a strange animal That cute. He started going viral on social media. People went crazy for him.”

Richie, the Maine Coon cat famous on Instagram

big fur cat

Adriana developed an interest in Maine Coons after the loss of her two cats two years ago. She elaborates that Richie belongs to the black smoke variety, a distinct type within the Maine Coon breed characterized by shades of blue, red, and cream.

Instagram Famous Maine Coon Cat

The woman added:

“Beyond his physique, he has his personality. Intelligent, curious and playful like a dog-cat. He follows me everywhere, I work from home, he’s my life partner. He loves humans like he loves babies.”

Adriana assures:

“Like my fans, I’m so amazed at how Richie has grown. I have never seen a cat like that. People ask me a lot of questions, but I don’t know exactly how and why Richie is like that. Now my vet recognizes Richie as a pop star. The vets are looking into it. I believe he is the only Maine Coon with such fur.”

Richie Maine Coon cat famous on Instagram
furry cat playing

Richie’s distinctive appearance has garnered him millions of fans worldwide, eagerly anticipating Instagram posts that showcase snippets of his adventures. Each post accumulates thousands of likes and comments.

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