On global catwalks, the dog’s opulent lifestyle is greatly sought after.

Cuộc sống sang chảnh của chú chó được săn đón nhiều trên các sàn diễn thế giới
Tika loves to wear stylish outfits and attend events such as Paris, New York and Milan fashion weeks.

Tika lives with his owner, Thomas Sharpio (32 years old) in Montreal (Canada). The dog loves to dress up in stylish outfits and attend events such as Paris, New York and Milan fashion weeks.

Tika is currently one of the most sought-after pets on international catwalks. The pet dog is pampered by its owner. Its wardrobe includes more than 400 items, worth about $20,000, according to Nypost.


“All of Tika’s clothing is custom-made. Each item can cost up to $380,” said Thomas, a full-time content creator.

Thomas started sharing pictures of Tika with eye-catching outfits on social networks since 2016. The dog quickly became known to many people and became increasingly famous.


Tika’s image has appeared with a series of major fashion brands such as Boss, Dior, Channel, Fendi, Vogue… It has also had the opportunity to walk on the catwalk at many fashion weeks around the world. .

To keep Tika fit and healthy, Thomas tried to maintain a strict diet for her. Meals usually include foods rich in protein and fiber, green vegetables, and fresh fruits.

It is estimated that, on average, Thomas spends about 60 USD/week on pet food.

A day participating in Tika’s fashion show usually starts in the morning with a nutritious meal. The owner and the dog will take a taxi to the performance location. All outfits are put in suitcases for quick changes when needed.

Thomas said: “We are always looking for new trends and want people to guess what he will wear next. Many people come to Tika because he is cute and has outstanding fashion sense.”

Recently, besides Tika, another dog named Kala appeared.

“Tika is also 12 years old, so she will probably retire soon. Kala is her younger sister, and will take over the job,” Thomas said.

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