Reluctant dog Meg not only walks the ducks but also teaches them to get used to water.

Meg not only walks the ducks but also teaches them to get used to water.

While walking with his pet dog Meg, Mr. Will Hall (from Hampshire, England) accidentally saw an egg dropped by a mother duck on the side of the road. He picked up the egg and brought it home to incubate, hoping that a few days later the egg would hatch into a duckling.

And then the duckling was born, however, at first the dog Meg always seemed frightened and ran away every time the duckling came near. The dog Meg became the duck’s «unwilling mother» because she was the first creature the duckling saw.

Meg takes on the role of mother duck, teaching the ducklings to get used to water.

Luckily, after just a few days, Meg the dog gradually got used to having her «child» by her side all day.

Meg takes her pet with her everywhere and seems very proud of this.

This made Mr. Hall happy. He said that with Meg’s dog’s temperament, he believed she would «never harm or attack the duckling.»

Meg belongs to the German Shorthaired Pointer dog breed – a dog breed that often likes to hunt birds and animals. But Meg has special feelings for the duckling.

The duo’s precious photos made the online community melt. Even though they are not the same species, they are really harmonious and happy when living together.

Nancy (according to Daily Mail )

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