The breathtaking splendor of these «heavyweight» birds, which are on the verge of extinction

Birds of the order Galliformes are heavy ground birds. They have colorful, unique fur, and many species are even unique to each field or forest.

According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, more than 25% of the approximately 290 Galliformes species classified as endangered.


Before it completely disappeared, photographer Joel Sartore, founder of National Geographic Photo Ark, sketched vivid “works of art” through each photo:

1. Pre-Borneo chicken:

Threatened with extinction, only a few small populations survive in Borneo due to widespread deforestation.


2. Indochina green peacock

Images at the Angkor Biodiversity Conservation Center in Cambodia. It is currently classified as endangered by the IUCN, largely due to habitat loss.


3. Red Cash Chicken

Photo taken at the San Antonio Zoo in Texas, with flashy feathers that are very successful in attracting mates. This species is endangered because of logging and hunting with both guns and traps


4. Little Borneo Fire-crested Chicken

At the Houston Zoo, this bird often has impressive wing turns and squirrel-like calls to signal sovereignty or attract mates. This species is vulnerable to extinction due to widespread habitat destruction


5. Lady Amherst pheasant

Live at Pheasant Heaven, a private sanctuary in North Carolina that specializes in caring for many of the world’s rarest pheasant breeds

This dazzling bird, found primarily in Burma, southeastern China, is named after British botanist and naturalist Sarah Amherst. This bird was introduced into the wilds of England but became extinct there


6. Crested partridge


7. Congo


8. Star chicken



It is necessary to condemn and take measures to deal with acts of indiscriminate hunting that threaten the habitat as well as the lives of many wild animals! It would be a pity if we could no longer see such rare animals in the future!

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