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Our dogs are the most adorbs – and sometimes, it’s not just their cute cuddles that make us smile. Check out some of the funniest dog faces on the Internet – from our favorite pups!

1. Happy Vibes, Happy Life

That look that you give when you know you’re about to get all the delicious surprises. Let’s celebrate!


2. This snow is just the coolest

I mean, its like the best snow ever, of all time. Like seriously dude. You wanna go dog sledding? That would be siiiick.


3. Look into my eyyyyyessss

You are getting sleepy … very sleepy! I am the vampire dog.


4. Oh no… I have to sneeze

Aaah Aaah … oh it went away. AAAHCHOOOOOO.


5. Is this the right angle?

I need to win this cute dog contest. Did you get the pic? Maybe I should try my other side. Can you still see my chins? I need to hide my chins. Did you get it? Did you? Did you?


6. Yeah, That’s the Spot

This is like the best massage I’ve ever had – oh yeah! Have you ever just been so relaxed, you just let yourself go? It’s like that good.


7. That Good Dream Life

Having the best dog nap. Just dreamin’ of snacks on snacks on snacks… oh and some belly rubs.


8. Sun’s Out, Tongues Out

I am ready to parrrrty with all the pups. Bring it on!


9. Smilin’ Cuz I Wooooof You

Am I cute? Be honest.


10. A Sand Pig!

Can you dig it? Dig it oh oh oh dig it


11. The Cookie Monster

It’s raining cookies, hallelujah!


12. Sleeping Beauty

Gooob morning, world! Thank goodness I got my beauty sleep.

13. Sometimes My Lips Get Stuck On My Teefs

Tell me I’m pretty.


14. A Wrinkle in Time

Ruff life when mom says I can’t have anymore treatos.


15. Haiii, Hiii, Herro Today!

It be very nice to meet you! Could I please now sniff your butt?


16. It’s Peanut Butter Snacky Time

Ermagherrrrd, it’s never easy to eat, but always so dang delicious.


17. Must. Stay. Awake.

When you can barely keep your eyes open, but also can’t stop binge-watching American Doggo Story.


18. I Dun Derped

Out here, doing what I do best: derping all the day long.


19. Facetiming Pawrents…

Hey Mom, it’s an emergency, we’re out of treats!


20. Hanging Out, Living the Good Life

Nothing like a shot of straight serotonin! If this doesn’t boost your mood, nothing will.



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