These Cute Animal Friends Are So Endlessly Endearing

Some of my favorite animal moments are when different species of animals find unexpected friendship and camaraderie in each other. Below are 16 photos of dogs, cats, birds, rodents and other animals all enjoying each other’s company, even adopting one another as family. Beyond their species, beyond even their animal kingdom, these animals found that kindness and physical closeness is the bridge that connects even very different creatures. Enjoy the heartwarming photos of animal friends.

«Us brothers-in-grey gotta to stick together!»animal friendship:

«Finally, my colors!»

animal friendship:
«I know it’s not «done» but she’s such a good nanny.»animal friendship:

«Come on, you said 5 minutes!»

animal friendship:

«ZZZZZZZ» «zzzzzz» «ZZZZZZZ» «zzzzzz»

animal friendship:

(both of them) «What the heck are YOU?» 

animal friendship:

«Our roomates are a little clingy…»

animal friendship:

«Ok, you’re holding tight? I’m gonna try and get that treat on the floor, and I DON’T want to have to jump on the bed again.»

animal friendship:

«I feel like I should hunt you or something.. but you’re so darn cute!»

animal friendship:

«Don’t move Rocky, this is what you wanted… don’t make it fly away… shallow breaths…»

animal friendship:

«Is there NOTHING I can do to break your concentration?»

animal friendship:

«Just pause for a second, it’s a weird human thing, but they give us treats and kisses afterwards, all excited.»

animal friendship:

«Can you do the chicken dance? My back is really itchy.»

animal friendship:

«It‘s right behind me… isn’t it? Just kidding, we do this all the time.»

animal friendship:

«You are small and bizarre… I like you.»

animal friendship:

«Your nose is huge!»

«Your nose is wet…»

animal friendship:

And a good furry night to all…

animal friendship:

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