These Images Will Modify Your Perspective on Rats

Often maligned and overlooked for their cute cousins, rats get recast in these photos as the sweet and smart creatures they are.

A cat curled up in a blanket with a tiny teddy bear
Jessica Florence

Forget everything you think you know about rats. These adorable creatures don’t get enough credit, but photographers Jessica Florence and Ellen van Deelen are making up for that with their sweet photographs of the gentle animals. Whether it’s snuggling up with a teddy bear or crawling into a glove, rodents are ready to cuddle.

Neither Florence nor van Deelen knew the other was photographing rats—Florence lives in Great Britain and van Deelen is based in the Netherlands—but because the internet is what it is, both of their photographs went viral around the same time. It’s an adorable bit of serendipity.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, van Deelen said the rats were eager to play for the camera. “It seemed only natural to take pictures of my rats. I started buying props for the rats and as they’re inquisitive animals, it wasn’t long before they started picking them up.”

And the rats are super-cute when they do, as these photos prove.

Rats cuddling together
Jessica Florence

These rats love cuddling so much their tails form a heart.

A rat holds a teddy bear
Ellen van Deelen

This rat loves its teddy bear.

Two rats curl in a blue sweater
Jessica Florence

Sometimes even rats need a sweater to keep cozy.

A rat chews on a toy elephant's trunk
Ellen van Deelen

Rats like more that teddy bears! Toys elephants are popular, too.

Two rats cuddle with a tiny teddy bear
Jessica Florence

Rats are good at sharing. At least while they’re sleeping.

A rat snuggles with a tiny teddy bear in a black and white photograph
Jessica Florence

Rats are even cute in elegant monochromatic photos.

A rat on a bed cuddles with a giant stuffed lion
Jessica Florence

Sometimes you need more than a teddy bear. Sometimes you need a huge stuffed lion.

A rat places a teddy bear in a tiny baby carriage
Ellen van Deelen

“I’ll be the mommy and you be the baby.”

A rat curls up with a teddy bear and a blanket
This rat cannot sleep with his teddy and his blankey. Jessica Florence

This rat cannot sleep with his teddy and his blanket.

A rat curls up with a yellow teddy bear on a pink blanket
Jessica Florence

Cozy sleep goals.

Two rats nap on top of each other
Jessica Florence

Because sometimes you just need another rat to cuddle with while napping.

A white rat holds a golden teddy bear
Ellen van Deelen

Who knew rats and teddy bears could be so cute?

A rat sleeps in the lap of a big teddy bear
Jessica Florence

Sometimes, a small teddy bear just won’t cut it.

Two rats hold paws while they sleep
Jessica Florence

Did you ever have someone whom you held hands with while you slept?

A rat sits on a towel with a small rubber ducky
Jessica Florence

Cue Ernie singing “Rubber Duckie.”

A rat sleeps in a pile of toy rats
Jessica Florence

One of these things is not like the other.

Two rats sleep on the legs of a teddy bear
Jessica Florence

Note to self: Find giant teddy bear to snuggle with.

A rat sleeps in a heart blanket
Jessica Florence

Reminder to surround yourself with hearts.

A rat sleeps curled up in a tube of yarn
Jessica Florence

This is the only time the phrase “rat burrito” will be adorable.

A rat sleeps in a pink blanket with a tiny teddy bear
Jessica Florence

Sweet dreams are made of these.

A rat with a sleeping cat on
Jessica Florence

Who needs a teddy bear when you have a pompom sleeping cap?

Rat sleep in a tiny pet bed
Jessica Florence

No blankets? No problem! A pet bed is great for rats.

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