This Ballet Cat Is Able To Perform Some Incredible Dance Moves

Every cat parent, including me, has one question in mind when we leave our cats home alone: What is my cat doing right now?

One thing is for sure, they’re not sleeping restlessly. I’m sure my cats start to party and become more active than usual whenever I leave home.

Most cat parents have set up cameras around their houses to track their cats and see what they do. In most cases, the videos are hilarious.

However, one of the cat parents even managed to capture the moments of his kitty dancing ballet. Yes, you read that right, ballet! You have to see it to believe it!

ballet cat in the living room

This kitty with an unusual name, Mirko, is more than just a cat. He is one of four cats in the house (Mirko, Tide, Peach, Leon), but he steals the spotlight with his amazing ballet skills.

Mirko is so skilled that some professional ballet dancers might envy him, haha!

Most of the time, his siblings watch him dance, and then they try to dance too, but no one can compete with Mirko. He moves with such elegance!

Scroll down to see Mirko, the ballet cat, who dances like nobody’s watching!


ballet cat jumping


cat lying on the carpet and other cat jumping


ballet cat on hind legs


cat jumping to the side


ballet cat dancing


photo of cat standing on hind legs


cat standing with her back turned


photo of cat in air, jumping


cat standing on hind legs on a table


cat stretched out jumping


ballet cat named mirko

Amazed by Mirko, the ballet cat, and his pawesome dance moves? Then don’t forget to share it with your friends!

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