Two extremely rare albino tortoises have been rehabilitated and are currently living in a Sri Lankan refuge.

Have you ever seen an albipo tortoise? Son albipo swim with turtles at the Sea Turtle Reserve Center in Kosgoda, Sri Lanka. The center collects turtle eggs from beaches to incubate them before poachers remove them, as they are considered a delicacy. Once born, the little turtles are released into the sea. Albipos often struggle to survive in the wild, as their lack of pigment makes them an easy target for predators.


Sea Turtle Project: The sea turtle project is one of the turtle hatcheries located along the southern coast, this hatchery is located 3 km south of the Beptota bridge. These turtle hatcheries were built to rescue and protect turtle eggs due to the rapid decline in the number of sea turtles on the coasts of Sri Lanka.


Sea turtle eggs are purchased from the fisherman and reburied along the beach and left there for 48 days, giving them enough time to hatch. Thereafter, the baby turtles are collected from the beach and kept in tanks for 2-3 days, and released into the ocean to feed themselves. The few female turtles that survive will return to their coastal shores after ten years to lay their own eggs.


Visitors to the hatchery could release baby turtles into the ocean during the fight; You could also take a look at the two very rare albipo turtles kept in the sea turtle research project. This work of a young sea turtle conservation project is a site not to be missed when visiting Beptota.


Here is the! He was captured as a fisherman’s pet and if he hadn’t whistled, an albipo would have eaten him. But he was taken to the people of Kosgoda. He lives in his own town. He has been calling there for many years. When the tsunami hit, the director jumped into Pop, grabbed him and pulled him to safety. There are two of them in Kosgoda.


How long do albipo tortoises live? Red-eared sliders can live up to 40 years. Most usually live between 20 and 30 years. Are albipo tortoises rare? Researchers estimate that one ip in every 100,000 turtle hatchlings is albipo. The lack of color is caused by a melapip deficiency. What do albipo turtles eat? Red-eared sliders are ompivorous, meaning they can eat pitas from plants, algae, and animals such as small fish and mollusks. They are also known as opportυпistic eaters. This means they will eat anything they can think of to have freedom on their hands.

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