When Samson first met his kitten sister, he was extremely shy.

We see a dog forming a wonderful bond with another dog and we take it as the most natural thing ever. However, some doggos just don’t have that chip installed, as they have a pretty hard time acclimating to a room full of other canines.

Samson, the service Goldie from California, was one of those dogs!

Even though he was trained to be a medical response service canine, he just didn’t know how to “dog” or interact with other pooches. He wasn’t very playful until he met the one creature that helped him come out of his shell – his tiny kitten sister!

Samson Learning How To Dog

dog wearing a bandana sitting in the woods

Source: @calvin.andco

His owner, Lea, spent countless hours trying to help Samson adapt to life among other dogs. It’s not that he was shy, aggressive, or afraid of them, he just wasn’t very playful or didn’t feel like socializing. It is safe to say that Samson was just a bit awkwardly set.

“Samson is very awkward with other dogs or even other humans. He just doesn’t always know how to play with them,” Lea told The Dodo.

He was adopted into a family to be a service dog, and so far, he has done amazingly! Samson is an extremely intelligent and loyal dog, but he just seems to be on the job all the time!

photo of a dog and cat in the woods

Source: @calvin.andco

One day, he was on a walk with his mom when he spotted a tiny kitten in a random window. He immediately stopped in his tracks and approached the window to see an unusual animal moving on the other side of the glass.

And, then the unbelievable happened! Instead of switching to his standard, “unsociable” mode, Samson refused to leave the window! He was staring at the kitten as if he was trying to give her some signals. The truth is – Samson wanted to play!

“He spotted a kitten through a window and he immediately wanted to play,” says Lea.

Lea was so overjoyed to see Samson coming out of his shell for the first time in a very long time. And, that’s when it hit her – she should definitely adopt a kitten into their family!

cat and dog lying

Source: @calvin.andco

A few days later – Cleo, the little kitten, arrived! As soon as his owners put a backpack with Cleo in it in the middle of the living room, Samson immediately came up and started sniffing it.

Then, his mom took Cleo out, and Samson started “dancing out of happiness!” He wagged his tail, sniffed his new sister, and put a big smile on his face! Right there, it was evident that Samson embraced Cleo with his paws wide open!

“Samson treated Cleo differently than other animals in his life. He immediately wanted to be with her at all times,” says Lea.

Inseparable Furriends For Life

cat sitting on dogs back

Source: @calvin.andco

Cleo and Samson became the best friends in the world! The two were so bonded that the family decided to take Cleo with them on hikes, as Samson felt so much better with her around.

One day, Cleo was tired from all the walking, and just like that – the new ritual was made! Instead of putting Cleo back in the backpack, she put her on Samson’s back – and Cleo loved it!

From that moment on, every time Cleo felt tired, she would immediately jump on Samson’s back and he would carry her around as one proud brother!

You can just tell from the look on his face that he was so happy to finally have his special sibling – his kitten sister, Cleo.

Aside from Samson, the family has two Labrador Retrievers and two baby girls. And now,with Cleo in the house, things seem to be much more harmonious in their California home! Samson has finally come out of his shell and found his purpose during his off-time.

cat sitting in a chair next to three dogs

Source: @calvin.andco

Lea and her family are so grateful for having such an amazing family. As it turns out, adopting Cleo was one of the best decisions they made, as she was definitely the missing piece of the puzzle!

This pawesome pack creates memories for life on a daily basis, making every new day a brand-new adventure!

You can keep up with their activities on their official Instagram account.

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