You’ll be scratching your head over these cats who sit like humans and act like everything is normal.

Why Do Cats Sit Like Humans Sometimes Anyways?

While I’d love to tell you that there’s some cool science behind cats sitting like humans, there’s really not. What we can do is provide you with some hilarious photos of said cats and even more hilarious captions.

Whether you’re looking for a distraction from your anxiety, some humour, or even just proof that your cat is actually part-human like you’ve always suspected, we’re hoping you’ll find it here.

15 Cats Sitting Like Humans And Acting Like It’s Normal Will Leave You Scratching Your Head

These cats are hilarious. And while we know that there’s no strange reason cats sitting like humans is a thing, it doesn’t make it any less cute or comical.

  1. Attentive yet relaxed

“Hi there. I purchased this chair so I could be relaxed, yet also alert and attentive to the people coming into my office. Did I succeed? Do you feel heard? I hope so.” – this cat

cats sitting like humans
Image: @shaggyandtruffle on Instagram

2. Like this, baby?

This cat is serious about its hotness.

“I’mma just gently touch my bum to draw attention to how glorious it is.” – this cat

cats sitting like humans
Image: @adventure_tony on Instagram

3. Quarantine style

The yawn, coupled with the IDGAF posture captures so many of our quarantine vibes. Remember that? Who cares if you let your legs hang open and you’re wearing sweats for days on end? Nobody’s lookin’.

cats sitting like humans
Image: @ia.billysdotter on Instagram

4. Sittin’ like a lady

“I hear if you sit with your legs closely together like this, that it’s more attractive to discerning men… er, male cats.” – this cat

5. On display for all to see

This cat is into voyeurism. And look at that fancy tag… the way it’s sitting in front of the window all sexy. It just says “please notice me and pay attention to me”.

cats sitting like humans
Image: @hubertxcumberdale on Instagram

6. Long leg Betty

Or is that long spine Sally? Either way, this cat looks like it just got woken up from a nap and is looking at you wondering why you woke it up.

cats sitting like humans
Image: @peachomelette on Instagram

7. I’m very focussed right now

“I know, I need to sit up straight and watch my posture. However, right now I’m really focussed and that’s not my concern.” – this cat

cats sitting like humans
Image: @bk_from_nb on Instagram

8. Don’t look there, it makes me uncomfortable

It should go without saying that you should never look at a cat’s junk. It’s just rude. However, this cat sitting weirdly thinks it bears repeating.

cats sitting like humans
Image: @taserface_cat on Instagram

9. I’ve been staring at the T.V. for too long

“I mean… have you even SEEN what’s been on the news lately?” – this cat

cats sitting like humans
Image: @luna.kitty.174 on Instagram

10. Nothing, just staring out the window

This cat sitting upright appears to be contemplating some of the more serious facts of life.

cats sitting like humans
Image: @viennasausagevandyke on Instagram

11. Relax time

You know, kick yer feet up. Umm, where are the SNACKS?

cats sitting like humans
Image: @somanyusesforlemons on Instagram

12. I’m in a meeting

This corporate kitty doesn’t have much time for your question… so what’s the question again?

13. It’s complicated

Why do cats sit like humans? It’s because they want to appear like they, too, are having constant existential crises. Like this kitty; the struggle is real.

cats sitting like humans
Image: @cats_clouds181 on Instagram

14. Yoga kitty

Not quite sure what’s going on here but the cat seems chill so we’re chill too.

cats sitting like humans
Image: @_nataliexjayne_ on Instagram

15. I just feel defensive right now.

*clutches pearls.

Why are you laughing at meeee?

cats sitting like humans
Image: @zojathedestroya on Instagram

16. Bonus: You gotta problem with me??

The direct eye contact, unwavering, gives the impression of strength and confidence. The tuxedo bow-tie collar helps too.

cats sitting like humans
Image: @_ster_ling_ on Instagram

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